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Changing Lives by Delivering Your Own Healing Power.

Everyone deserves a chance at less pain. We have helped many patients have tremendous results with positive outcomes and zero complications. Be our next success story and finally live the life you may have once thought impossible.

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Innovations Stem Cell Center had been performing stem cell treatments in North Texas since 2013, and together with the Cell Surgical Network, has performed over 6,600 stem cell treatments. Enhance your knowledge about what stem cell treatment could do for you by watching the following educational videos.

What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are unspecified cells of the body that can develop into different cell types, and are also able to regenerate without limit. Stem cells can develop into many kinds of specialized tissue cells and organs as part of stem cell therapy treatments. Stem cells are part of the body’s natural repair system and play a critical role in healing the tissues of the body that have been damaged by injury, illness, or aging.

Where Does Innovations Get Stem Cells?

Innovations Stem Cell Center uses adult stem cells, also known as ASCs, to treat patients. Innovations Stem Cell Center obtains these adult stem cells from the adipose fat tissue of a patient. Adipose fat is the loose connective tissue of the body that serves to cushion and protect the body. This tissue has been found to have large amounts of adult stem cells – 10 to 30 million per millimeter syringe – and adipose fat is accessed easily in patients through liposuction.

What Is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy is a form of regenerative medicine that uses stem cells to repair diseased, damaged, or disfunctional tissues. Regenerative medicine is a medical specialty that is concerned with the process of regenerating cells and tissues of the body to return them to normal function. Stem cells possess the unique ability to develop into many types of cells, like ligaments, muscles, tendons and nerves.

What Is Being Investigated?

New uses from stem cells are being researched each day. Current research studies potentially include different types of cancer, type 1 diabetes, heart disease and strokes, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, vision loss, and many other health conditions.


Complete our Consultation Form and save $1000 OFF your procedure.

An Investment In Your Health Today, and For The Future

Innovations Stem Cell Center uses your body’s own fat to harvest a sample of stem cells greater than any other harvestable source, safely, and without any chance of rejection. Use your own stem cells to help repair cartilage, arthritic joints, nerves, lungs, and multiple other conditions. Our proven techniques can be done as an in office procedure, having you back to your daily activities within 4 hours.


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Because of the stem cell treatment I received at Innovations Stem cell Center. My pain level has been considerably reduced. I have recommended others to seek out this treatment. I am happy I made this choice.


It’s been two months since my treatment at Innovations Stem Cell Center and I can tell a noticeable improvement. I would and have highly recommended Dr. Johnson and stem cell procedure.


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