SVF Knee Replacement Alternative Stem Cell Therapy

HOST: Hi! I’m Gloria Campos and I’m here with JD at Innovations Medical. JD is a 46-year-old man who has had knee pain, and I think I’m probably underscoring that – severe knee pain.

JD: Severe knee pain, yeah.

HOST: For years – almost a decade – you dealt with severe knee pain, and you came here for this new treatment, new therapy – stem cell deployment.

JD: Yeah.

HOST: So, tell me about it. What condition were you in? Tell us some more.

JD: I was in a bad condition. I mean, I had trouble going up and down stairs, sleeping. I had knee pain that would wake me up in the middle of the night. Just doing simple tasks around the house – anything. Bending my knees was a no-no, you know, because I was afraid I’d fall down or not be able to get up. Being my age, it was killing me. You know, I just wanted something to change. You know, after hearing about this, I was skeptical at first but decided I better try it and I’m glad I did.

HOST: Now, when you say “it was killing me,” it was killing you that you couldn’t be active?

JD: Right.

HOST: You are a young man and you have kids.

JD: Yes.

HOST: And there were things you wanted to do.

JD: Oh, yeah. It interrupted my life totally. You know, I wouldn’t even want to go – I’m a big football and baseball fan, I wanted to go to the games all the time, got season tickets, but I don’t even want to go to those. I’d pass them off to family members just because I didn’t want to walk.

HOST: You’d have to walk a lot!

JD: Yes. Of course, I didn’t want to be seen in a wheelchair so I’d skip that part.

HOST: Wow. And so, how did this affect your family life?

JD: Very much so. I mean, it limited the places that I wanted to go and everybody else would say, “Well, hey, we’re going to go shopping,” or, “We’re going to go here, go there,” and I’d be like, “Well, I’m okay. I’ll just stay here.” Of course, my wife would frown on that which I understand totally but I’m like, “I don’t want to go hurt myself again, you know, and hurt for the next week after walking around for two hours or whatever.” So, that has a lot to do with it.

HOST: Well, then you found this stem cell deployment, this therapy for your knees here which you just had. He had this less than three months ago.

JD: Right.

HOST: And you came here after a family member had some success.

JD: Yeah.

HOST: Tell us about that.

JD: My father, he’d come here for neuropathy. He’s actually the one that found out about Dr. Johnson and he was pretty much already where he couldn’t get around without a crutch or without being in a wheelchair and he’d been trying a bunch of different things to try to get rid of the neuropathy but it just didn’t work. And so, he came here. He asked me, “When are you willing to come?” and, you know, do I want to come with him to check out my knees. I’m like, “No, I think I’ll wait because I’m not sure if it’s going to work,” so I didn’t want to do it. So, anyway, he came and had the procedure and, you know, within three or four weeks himself, he was up, getting around more and more. So, within two or three weeks after that, I’m like, “I’m ready! I want to go.” To this day – like, today – he’s walking around our offices with no problem at all. No need of a chair. No need of using a cane or anything.

HOST: Wow.

JD: So, that goes to show and then, of course, I’ve had it now and I’m the same way. You know, it’s just unbelievable.

HOST: JD, you told me earlier that pain medication was daily for you.

JD: Yes, I would pop three or four Ibuprofens, three or four times a day, at least. Now, there’s none of that. I don’t have to do anything for it because I feel great.

HOST: And it was just less than three months ago?

JD: Yes.

HOST: So, tell us about the procedure itself. Did it hurt a lot?

JD: It did not hurt at all. You know, I was expecting the same thing. You know, I kind of watched a few of the videos on TV and it kind of bothered me at first but I was like, you know, I’ve got to do it. My knees hurt worse than anything else. But, actually, it didn’t hurt at all. I mean, they deaden you and you don’t feel when they take the fat out of your belly to get the stem cells – that part doesn’t hurt. I know it’s liposuction but it doesn’t hurt. You know, the knee injections, there was no problem there. I didn’t even see what they were doing and barely felt anything at all because they deaden the knees as well.

HOST: Wow. So, you got the injections less than three months ago.

JD: Yes.

HOST: How long before you started feeling better?

JD: Actually, you know, everybody was saying – like, all my family were like, “Well, how do you feel today? How do you feel?” I’m like, “I don’t feel anything yet.” I said, “I’m not expecting a miracle in the next few days because it’s got to start growing the tissue.” So, I just waited it out and, about three weeks or so, I started really noticing some difference. Four weeks went by and I’m really starting more difference and it just got better and better. And then, like I was telling you about the state fair was in town during October, for the last five, six years, I’ve always had to use one of those automatic carts they’ve got out there because my family wants to spend six hours out there.

HOST: $50 a day!

JD: Yeah, I can only last one hour so, you know, I’m always wanting to sit down so I started using those carts. This year, I didn’t have to do that at all. We spent six hours out there. I was on my feet the whole time, walked the whole fair and had no problem. On top of that – which usually kills me – is, the next day or the next week, there was no extra pain – no throbbing, there was none of that. Normally, it would be, you know, after doing some strenuous activity, it would be like that but not now.

HOST: That’s fantastic.

JD: Yeah, it’s been great. It’s been great.

HOST: That’s wonderful. I’m happy for you. So, how about when you came in for the procedure? What did you think about Dr. Johnson? Did they walk you through everything? Did you feel comfortable about that?

JD: Yeah, very, very personable. You know, he’s in the top two. Easy to get along. He’s not too clinical. You know, either way, he’s perfect. I mean, he’s in the top two and, if you’ve got a question, you just ask it and he pretty much lays it all out for you where you don’t have any questions. But he is open ears and easy to talk to.

HOST: And you say other family members are going to do it or have they done that?

JD: Yes. Well, they have actually done it. I had another brother with some knee problems that actually came in and had his knees done somewhere around the same time and he’s feeling basically the same effects I am. I’m just the one that got picked to come in for the interview.

HOST: So, would you recommend Innovations Medical and Dr. Johnson for this kind of procedure?

JD: I’ve already done this to numerous other family members and outside of our family. I’ve been telling everybody that, if you’ve got any problems at all, this is the thing to do. My next step is that I’ve herniated discs in my back and this procedure also helps with that so the next thing I’m going to do is line myself up for the back operation – you know, to get them put in there – and hopefully that’ll have the same result.

HOST: Now, you realize that you’re helping other people here by telling your story.

JD: I hope so!

HOST: Is there something else you would like to say to folks that are thinking about this?

JD: Well, I hope so. I know I spent many years suffering as a young person that shouldn’t be going through this, and I did get lazy. You know, I’d sit in my chair when I got home and, of course, I heard it from my wife. You know, “You need to do this and you do that!” “I will in a minute. I will in a minute but my knees are hurting.” You know, she can’t feel my knees so she gives me a little sympathy but not really. You know, basically, I get up and do it. Now, she says it and I’m up and doing it before she’s even telling me to do anything. So, I would say that it’s been great. The pain itself, sleeping, those aching nights with the aching pains in my knees, that being gone and just getting up out of a chair, I mean, I’d have to, you know, really push with my arms to get up out of the chair because my legs, I’ve put too much pressure on them and my knees would be killing me. And so, by doing that, that’s huge – very huge – especially if you’re at a restaurant or anything because you stand a chance of maybe falling and you don’t want to be this age and fall down in the middle of a restaurant. So, I mean, those things are major for me and I know other people out there that would be suffering with the same sort of stuff that I was going through would probably get the greatest benefit out of this.

HOST: It’s worth taking a look at.

JD: I’m not here selling it for just to sell it. I mean, I’m experiencing it and it’s been great. So, yeah, I would definitely recommend it to anybody and everybody.

HOST: Thank you for your time, JD.

JD: No problem. Thank you. Thank you very much.

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