What happens to tell adult stem cells where to go?

Adult stem cells are present on most of the tissues of our body as well as our blood stream.  In order to begin multiplying or become a new type of cell, adult stem cells must be stimulated.  Growth factors provide the stimulation to multiply and change.  Growth factors also call adult stem cells in from other areas such as the blood stream.  When we deploy Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF), the adult stem cells in the SVF look for a place to go to work.  The diseased or injured cells are the ones releasing growth factors.  Essentially, the damaged cells are calling for help.  Adult stem cells are able to “hear” those signals and respond.

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Dark area shows adult stem cells collecting in wrist arthritis after IV deployment

When they arrive, they begin to change and multiply.  The adult stem cells also release more growth factors that further enhance the process.  You can think of deploying adult stem cells as “supercharging” our body’s natural healing process.  It also has the potential to bring healing to areas that previously healed only poorly or not at all.  Adult stem cells are being used with success to heal injuries from heart attack, stroke and damaged cartilage and ligaments.  Some of these deployments are directly into the injured area like a joint or muscle.  Other deployments are intravenous (IV) and rely on the growth factors to direct the adult stem cells.  Fortunately, adult stem cells are programmed to respond to growth factors, so IV deployment works well.