What happens during our normal healing process?

Adult Stem Cell Treatments Dallas

To understand why adult stem cells are creating so much interest, we need to understand some things about the normal healing process.  A good example we are all familiar with is cutting our finger.  This animation illustrates some of the things occurring as we heal.

When cells are injured they release chemical messengers called growth factors.  There are many types of growth factors that send different specific messages.  When we cut our finger, the damaged cells release growth factors that enter the surrounding tissue and the blood stream.  The growth factors do several essential things:

  1. Bring in increased blood and nutrients to promote healing
  2. Summon in white blood cells to clean damaged cells and fight infection
  3. Activate stem cells in the local area and the blood to make new cells to heal the wound
  4. Turn off the extra blood flow and new cell growth when the wound is healed

The growth factors cause increased blood flow to the injured area.  This is why the finger becomes red and swollen. Growth factors also bring in white blood cells that help clean up the damage and fight off infection.  The white blood cells also release growth factors.  Stem cells in the skin surrounding the wound are activated by the growth factors.  In addition, stem cells from the blood stream migrate into the area.  The stem cells multiply and turn into the type of cells we need like epidermis, dermis, blood vessels etc. and heal the wound.  Medical science is coming to understand that this is the basic model for all healing in our bodies.