What do we do to harvest adult stem cells?

Harvesting adipose derived adult stem cells is a simple and straightforward process.  First we select an area to take the fat, commonly on the abdomen or thigh.  Then a local anesthetic solution is injected in the area.  Next we take a syringe with a tool called a cannula attached and suction out a small amount of fat.

how to harvest adult stem cells dallas

This fat is then processed over about 2 hours.  The process is really quite simple.  At the end, we have a product referred to as Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF).  SVF is really wonderful stuff.  It contains a mixture of large numbers of adult stem cells, up to about 25 million of them.  SVF also contains a large number of growth factors.  The growth factors in SVF tend to be highly anti-inflammatory.  We can now use these adult stem cells and growth factors for a number of disorders.  We refer to the use of SVF as deployment.  There are many deployment protocols under investigation.