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Spotlight on Stem Cells: What are Stem Cells?

Stems cells have taken the medical world by storm, but many people are unaware of the integral role they play in treating chronic illness and diseases. The term "stem cell" microscopestill carries quite a bit of stigma, most likely because people don’t fully understand the way stem cells are harvested and used in medical treatment models. At Innovations Stem Cell Center, Dr. Bill Johnson uses stem cells to treat a number of illnesses and diseases such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), spinal cord injuries and even sports injuries. But what are stem cells, and how exactly can we use them to treat medical conditions?

Stem cells are some of our bodies most unique cells because they have two very important characteristics that set them apart from other cells. They can replicate, essentially making new copies of themselves, and they have the ability to become other types of cells. Stem cells come from a number of sources, like embryos and umbilical cord blood which are often the source of much of the stigma associated with this course of treatment, but they also come from adult cells. Adult stem cells come from adult individuals, not from embryos or umbilical cord blood. Dr. Bill Johnson only uses adult stem cells harvested directly from the patient as a method of treatment. Adult stem cells are most commonly derived from bone marrow and fat. At Innovations Stem Cell Center, we use adult stem cells from the patient’s own fat. These are called adipose-derived adult stem cells.

These superhero cells really can make a world of difference for people looking for a more natural and less invasive form of treatment. Because stem cells can replicate themselves and fundamentally transform into different types of cells, they have special abilities to make an infinite number of new, healthy cells in the parts of the body where they are needed. Therefore, stem cell therapy replaces or repairs damaged or compromised cells with new, healthy and functional cells. It might seem like magic, but it’s really just biology and science at work, healing our bodies in the most natural way possible.

Stem cell therapy is slowly changing the face of modern medicine. Because of stem cells’ distinctive qualities, doctors are discovering new ways to utilize them in the treatment of a number of health conditions. Many chronic illnesses and diseases have led patients to seek long-term, heavily invasive treatments to simply manage their symptoms or conditions. For some of these conditions, like the ones Dr. Bill Johnson treats in his office with stem cell therapy, it’s incredible to think that our bodies have had the solution all along. If you’re living with any of these conditions, contact our office today at 214-256-1462 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Bill Johnson to learn more about how stem cell therapy may be beneficial for you.

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