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Peripheral Neuropathy

The term peripheral neuropathy is frequently used interchangeably with the terms neuropathy and polyneuropathy. These terms describe a group of disorders that are characterized by a loss of function in the extremities and rarely other body areas. Overall, peripheral neuropathy affects about 6-7% of the population. There are at least 7 different types of peripheral neuropathy (see: What are the causes and symptoms of peripheral neuropathy? below). The FAQ section below is designed to help you gain a greater understanding of the use of adult stem cells for peripheral neuropathy. We also want to offer a framework for evaluating if stem cell treatment should be considered an option for you or your loved one.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the causes and symptoms of peripheral neuropathy?

Most commonly, peripheral neuropathy begins as loss of sensation or burning in the feet or hands. This tends to be fairly equal in both hands and feet. Weakness may be associated in some cases. The exact pattern by which the disease develops is determined by the underlying cause.

Stem Cell Treatment for Perpheral Neuropathy Dallas
Diagram of a peripheral nerve

The most common causes of peripheral neuropathy are:

  1. Diabetes mellitus. This is the most common cause. Studies show that about 42% of diabetics develop peripheral neuropathy.
  2. Other systemic. This includes vitamin deficiencies, hypothyroidism, HIV infection and others.
  3. Autoimmune. This category includes Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP) and Guillain-Barre’ syndrome.
  4. Toxic. The most common toxin in alcohol. Chemotherapy and lead exposure along with others are also in this category.
  5. Hereditary.
  6. Environmental. This is most commonly from injuries such as repeated vibrations or severe hypothermia.
  7. Idiopathic. This means the cause is unknown. Up to 25% of cases fit into this category.

Most of these disorders affect the sensory nerves causing loss of sensation and frequently pain or discomfort. Many of them, especially the autoimmune peripheral neuropathies, also affect motor function. Symptoms can vary from very mild (often diagnosed by accident while looking for other disorders) to severe and debilitating.

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