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The Pain of PN

nervesPeripheral neuropathy is a painful nerve condition impacting some 20 million Americans each year. Symptoms of the condition include burning, paralysis, pain, tingling, and numbness, usually in the feet and legs. Patients with the condition are also at risk of developing sores and ulcers on their legs and feet, leaving them open to infection. Peripheral neuropathy develops when the nervous system becomes damaged by injury or illness, and the condition can impact the motor and sensory nerves, as well as the nerves that control the actions of our body’s automatic systems, like digestion. Dr. Johnson treats patients with peripheral neuropathy with stem cell therapy here at Innovations Stem Cells.

Causes of the condition include exposure to toxins and alcohol abuse. Guillain-Barre Syndrome, an auto-immune disorder that attacks the body’s peripheral nerves which help control muscle movements, can also cause peripheral neuropathy.  Much of the time the cause is unknown.  Diabetics are also very prone to developing this painful condition, with as many as 42% of diabetics reporting nerve damage. Many people with peripheral neuropathy live in pain day after day, managing their symptoms, but never treating the cause of their condition. Peripheral neuropathy can also lead to paralysis of the muscle tissue, which makes walking painful, difficult, and for some patients, just not even possible.

Dr. Johnson gives peripheral neuropathy patients relief by treating them with stromal vascular fraction, or SVF therapy. SFV comes from the adipose fat tissue of the patient. Adipose fat is taken from the patient through liposuction (usually from an area like the thigh or abdomen). SVF taken from fat tissue may contain up to about 25 million adult stem cells in just 50 milliliters of fat. The cells are reintroduced to the body intravenously and through injection throughout the afflicted area.

SVF also contains a lot of growth factors- or "text messages" that cells use to communicate with one another. Growth factors are also a critical part of the healing process for treating damaged tissue. Areas affected by peripheral neuropathy send out growth factors to signal and attract the redeployed stem cells to heal the area.

Patients with peripheral neuropathy with questions regarding SVF therapy should contact Innovations Stem Cell Center today at (214) 256-1462.

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