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Identifying the Cause of Interstitial Lung Disease

  A study from Columbia University Medical Center in New York links workplace exposure to vapors, gas, dust and fumes to an increased likelihood of developing an interstitial lung disease (ILD). ILDs are lung diseases that cause progressive scarring and inflammation of lung tissue. Lung inflammation and scarring builds up over time and leads t...
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Where do Stem Cells Used in Adult Stem Cell Therapy Come From?

Adult Stem Cell Therapy
Stem cells are special cells that can multiply and turn into other types of cells. They have the potential to heal many illnesses and are already being used to treat multiple diseases like autoimmune disorders, cardiac disease, lung problems like COPD and even Crohn's disease. Stem cells are found in all tissues in the body. But in order to obtain them, the tissue needs to have a large enough number of stem cells. The two common tissues are bone marrow and fat. Bone marrow can treat blood derived diseases. However, fat is more easily harvested and can produce more stem cells in one procedure than bone marrow. Fat cells could become the easiest and most likely source for future stem cells for adult stem cell therapy . Innovations Stem Cell Center | Adult Stem Cell Therapy | 214-256-1462

How Does COPD Stem Cell Treatment Work?

Many of us have heard of stem cells , but what are they, where do they come from and why all the excitement? Dr. Johnson explains that if you cut a finger, the cells that are damaged release chemical messengers to call other cells in to do the healing and stimulate the stem cells in the area that produce the new growth. The healing is done by stem cells and if we could harness that, we could cause healing for injuries and diseases. The fascinating features of stem cells are that you can make more stem cells from one cell and it can also become any type of cell. By adding more stem cells to the injury, we can repair the damage. Here's a full transcript Dr. Johnson explanation on Good Morning Texas: AMY VANDEROEF: Many of us have heard of stem cells but what are they, where do they...
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Learn How Stem Cell Therapy is Being Used Right Here in North Texas

Stem cell treatment has become an increasingly popular the last few years. In fact, many people are leaving this country to receive treatment for a number of disorders. But fortunately for all of us, investigational stem cell therapy is available for all of us here in North Texas. In this video, Dr. Bill Johnson explains how stem cell treatment works and how we can take advantage of it. Stem cells basically do most of the healing in our body. When we cut our finger, what happens is that the damaged cells release certain chemical messengers called growth factors. These growth factors in cells to clean up the damage and once that is done, the stem cells then come in and become the new cells that we need to replace the stem cells that were killed. Therefore, the actual healing is done by the stem cells. The same process is true if...
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Stem cell therapy for stroke

Stroke is the third main cause of death and the first cause of chronic disability in the United States. Unfortunately, treatment for stroke remains limited. To date, the only FDA-approved treatment for ischemic stroke is tissue plasminogen activator (tPA), which has a narrow time window of only approximately 4.5 hours after the onset of stroke symptoms. Approximately only 3-5% of all patients that suffer a stroke benefit from tPA, primarily due to the narrow therapeutic window. The lack of available therapies and the devastating effects of these diseases compel researchers and clinicians to find more effective treatments. Cell therapies are a revolutionary treatment for neurodegenerative diseases. Similar to traditional drug therapies, experimentation must determine many factors for the safety and efficacy of stem cell treatments such as the correct dose, delivery route, and optimal time of intervention. Stem cell lines must be validated through multiple laboratories with different animal models...
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Sweet Science Lesson! See How Stem Cell Therapy Works

In this video, Dr. Bill Johnson of Innovations Medical discusses what stem cells are and how they work. Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that have the potential to multiply and develop into a different type of cell, depending on what the body signals them to be. They can transform into a nerve cell, muscle cell, bone cell, lung cell, or a skin cell, among many other things. Stem cells are unparalleled in their role in healing. They are able to replace the old, damaged or lost cells with new ones. For example, when we cut our finger, the damaged cells release chemical messengers called Growth Factors. These growth factors will give out a signal to the nearby stem cells to go into the site of injury and differentiate into new skin cells to heal the wound and replace the damaged skin cells. Nowadays, a lot of research is ongoing regarding...
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