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Stem Cells Fight Against Aging

​ Aging affects every part of our body and is as inevitable as death and taxes. While aging causes our once-healthy tissues to become damaged and dysfunctional, that does not mean you have to simply accept it and move on. You can fight back using a small but powerful weapon that is already found in your body. This weapon? Fat. Fat: Your Body's Secr...
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A Surprising Finding of Fat

​ An investigation by University of Michigan researchers reveals new insight into why shoulder injuries take a long time to heal. Specifically, the researchers focused on why rotator cuff injuries tend to accumulate fatty tissue instead of new muscle. Tears of the rotator cuff, the group of four muscles and tendons that help to stabilize the should...
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Twenty Years of Research in Regenerative Medicine

​ Although talk of stem cells happened as early as the 1950s and fat stem cells were described in the 1970s, November 1998 was when the world was introduced to the true potential of stem cell therapy. There is no doubt these tiny cells have changed medicine significantly. The revelation also opened the door for more research regarding other types o...
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Pass the Pasta? Not So Fast

​ Aching knees? If you have osteoarthritis, the answer is probably yes. But while your painful, creaking, aching and swollen knees are caused by the loss of cartilage from your joints, would you be surprised to know that your diet may be contributing to your condition? Researchers at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation have found that eating t...
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Not Just About the Clot

​ At the Innovations Stem Cell Center, three things are at the heart of most of what we do: fat, stem cells and platelet-rich plasma. Why do we love these things so much? Well, because they are potent healers found right in our own bodies. We talk a lot about the power of stem cells to heal and the benefits of fat. But what about platelets? What Ar...
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Missing the Signs of Myasthena Gravis?

​ Myasthenia gravis is a rare autoimmune condition affecting about 20 people per 100,000 around the world. The disease is more common in women under the age of 40 and men over the age of 60 but can affect people at any age. Myasthenia gravis develops when communication between the nerves and muscles breaks down. The condition is characterized by we...
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Find Out About Fat

​ Most people try to get rid of it or cover it up. No one wants to talk about it. It is not considered very attractive. What is it? It's fat. While fat is often a taboo topic, it is something worth talking about. Why? Because fat has the power to heal. Innovations Stem Cell Center uses fat stem cells in all of our stem cell therapy treatments. The ...
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Thinking About Stem Cell Therapy?

​ Although it is often in the news, stem cell therapy is not new. In fact, the interest in stem cell therapy began over 60 years ago with the first bone marrow transplant in 1956. In recent years, stem cell therapy has advanced considerably, and now it may seem as if every day there is a discovery or new application of stem cells to treat an injury...
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