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Thinking About Stem Cell Therapy?

Although it is often in the news, stem cell therapy is not new. In fact, the interest in stem cell therapy began over 60 years ago with the first bone marrow transplant in 1956. In recent years, stem cell therapy has advanced considerably, and now it may seem as if every day there is a discovery or new application of stem cells to treat an injury, illness or health condition. While stem cell therapy is becoming more widespread, does that mean it is right for you?

What Type of Stem Cell Therapy Does Innovations Offer?

Innovations Stem Cell Center offers stem cell therapy using stem cells taken from the fat of a patient's own body. These stem cells, like stem cells found in other tissues, have the same fundamental characteristics of being able to regenerate themselves without limit and to develop into many different types of tissue. Unlike other stem cells, fat stem cells are often available in abundance. They are also easily accessible for harvesting compared to other stem cells.

What Conditions Benefit from Stem Cell Therapy?

Many new uses and applications of stem cells are being discovered and refined daily. Some of the conditions that have seen the benefits of stem cell therapy from Innovations Stem Cell Center include musculoskeletal injuries and sports injuries, osteoarthritis, nerve damage, autoimmune diseases, spinal injuries and neurological conditions, and heart and lung disease including COPD. Innovations Stem Cell Center also treats urological disorders, erectile dysfunction and Peyronie's disease.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy can be beneficial for many individuals, but some people choose it as a treatment option after exhausting other conventional therapies to manage their condition. In some cases, traditional medical treatments such as pain medications, prescriptions, anti-inflammatories and steroids may stop working, leaving patients out of options or facing the pain and downtime of surgery.

Other individuals who are good candidates for stem cell therapy are those who do not respond to conventional medical treatment for their condition or who cannot tolerate treatments.

Stem cell therapy is also beneficial for those who are tired of living in pain or with a decreased quality of life because of their condition.

How Is Stem Cell Therapy Performed?

To harvest the stem cells needed for treatment, Dr. Johnson uses a specialized form of liposuction to collect fat from the patient. Fat is commonly taken from the midsection or lower back area. Once collected, the fat stem cells are separated from blood and other tissue and then deployed back to the patient.

Do you have questions about stem cell therapy from the Innovations Stem Cell Center or are you wondering if you are a good candidate for stem cell therapy? Call us today 214-256-1462 for a consultation.

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