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Don't Shoulder the Pain!

Are you living with nagging pain in your shoulder that just won't go away? Or does it go away for a bit with meds, ice and rest, but comes back eventually? Is it keeping you up at night or keeping you from doing your favorite activities? If the pain in your rotator cuff just won't quit and you feel like you want to give up - don't! Instead, call the Innovations Stem Cell Center to find out how stem cell therapy can help.

Where Is the Rotator Cuff?

The rotator cuff surrounds the shoulder joint. It is actually a group of muscles and tendons that help to keep the bone of your upper arm firmly in the shoulder socket.

How Does the Rotator Cuff Become Injured?

You can injure your rotator cuff through an accident or trauma, but there are some other ways tears develop, such as:

Repetitive Stress. The most common way this muscle becomes damaged is from repetitive stress. Repetitive stress happens from performing the same motions over and over, such as lifting weights, playing tennis, mopping a floor or swinging a hammer. These activities can put your rotator cuff at risk of developing tiny tears, which over time and continued use turn into big tears.

Limited Blood Supply. As we age, the blood supply to the rotator cuff decreases. This means that less blood and nutrients get to the area to heal it if micro-tears occur. It also means the potential for more tears and damage.

Bone Spurs. Bone spurs can be another uncomfortable consequence of aging; they can develop on the bones comprising the shoulder. Bone spurs can cause wear and tear on the tendon, a condition known as shoulder impingement. Shoulder impingement can weaken your tendons over time, which means an increased risk of future tears.

How Can You Tell If It Is Rotator Cuff Pain?

• A dull ache in the shoulder characterizes rotator cuff injuries.
• Pain often disturbs sleep.
• You may experience difficulty or discomfort while combing your hair, lifting your arm to reach something or reaching behind your back.
• You may experience a feeling of arm weakness.

Are you living with shoulder pain? We can help. Stem cells can help heal rotator cuff injuries and other musculoskeletal problems. Find out how stem cells are saving shoulders by calling Innovations Stem Cell Center at 214-256-1462.

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