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Don't Live With Lichen Sclerosis

Ever hear of lichen sclerosis? Probably not. This is because this rare skin condition only affects between 1 and 3 percent of the world's population. Lichen sclerosis is also not something people commonly talk about in everyday conversation because the condition can be uncomfortable, painful and embarrassing. If you're living with lichen sclerosis, stop living in silence and discomfort - call Innovations Stem Cell Center for help.

What Is Lichen Sclerosis?

Lichen sclerosis is a chronic skin condition that causes the formation of itchy, white patches on the skin, typically in the genital and anal areas. Lichen sclerosis can also grow on the arms, chest and breasts.

What Causes Lichen Sclerosis?

The condition is caused by a few different factors, most commonly genetics, injury and autoimmune diseases. Hormonal fluctuations can also cause lichen sclerosis, which plays a role in who is affected by the condition.

Who Is Typically Affected by Lichen Sclerosis?

While the condition can affect both men and women, post-menopausal women and girls who have not yet begun to menstruate are most commonly diagnosed.

What Are the Symptoms of Lichen Sclerosis?

The symptoms of the condition include:

• White patches on the skin that start out small and grow over time
• Thin skin that tears, wrinkles, scars and bruises easily
• Itching
• Pain or discomfort
• Bleeding
• Blisters

Some patients living with lichen sclerosis do not experience any symptoms, while others have severe symptoms.

Does Lichen Sclerosis Cause Skin Cancer?

No. Lichen sclerosis does not cause skin cancer. However, people living with the skin condition have an increased risk of skin cancer caused by scarring. If you're living with lichen sclerosis, regular skin examinations should be conducted by your physician or dermatologist to monitor for skin cancer.

How Can Stem Cell Therapy from Innovations Help Patients Living with Lichen Sclerosis?

Stem cell therapy can help heal tissue damaged by lichen sclerosis and help reset skin cell function to prevent additional patches from developing. To treat patients with lichen sclerosis, Dr. Johnson removes a small amount of unwanted fat from another body area, spins it to separate out stem cells from other tissue and returns it to the body. Then, the stem cells go to work to heal the skin.

Living with lichen sclerosis? You don't have to - call Innovations Stem Cell Center at 214-256-1462 for more information about stem cell therapy for your skin condition.

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