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Stem Cell Research Spotlight

We love learning about, talking about and sharing news and information about stem cells. Every day, researchers around the world are making discoveries about stem cells, their benefits and how they can be used to help treat people living with incurable diseases. We thought we would share some exciting and groundbreaking news about stem cells from projects around the world. Innovations Stem Cell Center uses advanced technology for treating patients with fat stem cell therapy.

Saving Extinct Animals. Researchers at the Berlin Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research are using progenitor cells from induced pluripotent stem cells (IPSCs) to create embryos of the Northern White Rhino, a species on the verge of extinction.

Beating Brain Disease. Scientists at the University of Toronto are working to battle brain diseases using genomic technology and brain stem cells.

Overcoming Obesity. The discovery of a new stem cell state of fat stem cells by American University and Georgetown University researchers may have the potential to prevent obesity.

Taking Heart. Study authors at the British Heart Foundation Centre of Research Excellence at the University of Edinburgh have developed a non-invasive way to treat heart disease by delivering stem cells to the heart intravenously. Their project aims to improve recovery and decrease mortality rates after heart attacks.

Curing Parkinson's Disease. A new stem cell project from the Institute/Research Team: Institute of Zoology - Chinese Academy of Sciences has successfully tested stem cell therapy as a way to treat Parkinson's in primates. Results have shown promise in repairing damage from the disease.

Saving the Skin. A collaborative project between the University of Helsinki, Karolinska Institutet and King's College London has found that IPSCs could be induced into skin stem cells using CRISPR gene-editing technology. This development could mean new treatments for skin conditions.

Returning Sense of Touch. University of California, Los Angeles researchers have developed a combination of particular proteins designed to prompt stem cells to develop into interneurons to restore the feeling of touch to paralyzed individuals.

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