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Say No More to Knee Pain

Struggling with knee joint pain caused by osteoarthritis? If you are living with pain and discomfort in your knee joint, there are some things you can do to help improve your symptoms and slow down the progress of your condition. One way you can find relief from your osteoarthritis-related knee pain is through fat stem cell therapy from the Innovations Stem Cell Center.

What Is Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is a condition caused by the degeneration of the cartilage in the joints. This cartilage serves as a cushion for the bones as they move by one another when engaged. When this cartilage wears away, the result is pain, inflammation and, for many people, difficulty walking.

What Causes Osteoarthritis?

One of the primary causes of osteoarthritis in the knees and other joints is age. As we get older, the cartilage and other connective tissue in our joints wear away. Another contributor to the condition is overuse. So, if you run a lot, jump a lot or work out a lot, you may experience knee pain sooner because you've worn your cartilage away.

Other causes of osteoarthritis include genetics and injury.

Another Cause of Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis can also develop as a result of being overweight or being obese. This is because extra weight puts pressure on the joints and the cartilage, causing wear and tear for overweight individuals sooner than for those who are not overweight or obese.

How Can Individuals Improve Their Symptoms?

There are some ways individuals can help reduce their painful symptoms, including:

Rest. Allowing your knee to rest can help reduce inflammation and resulting pain.

Pain Medication. Taking pain relievers and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories can help reduce both pain and inflammation.

Ice and Heat. Alternating ice and heat on your affected knee can help reduce pain.

Wearing a Brace. Support your knee joint by wearing a brace while you are active.

Lose Weight. If you are obese or overweight, the pressure on your knee will continue to damage your joint. Additionally, studies have shown that higher levels of body fat may translate to increased levels of inflammation, which can affect your joint and cause pain, too. A 2017 study found that individuals who lost more than 10 percent of their body weight had a significant slowdown in their cartilage degeneration.

Stem Cell Therapy. Stem cell therapy from the Innovations Stem Cell Center can help your painful knees by using the powerful healing potential of stem cells to repair cartilage damaged by wear and tear, time, obesity, and genetics.

Learn more about the benefits of fat stem cell therapy from the Innovations Stem Cell Center by calling us today at 214-256-1462.

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