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Knee-Deep in Pain: Why Stem Cells Might be the Answer for Long-Term Relief for Chronic Knee Injuries and Conditions

kneepainPeople with chronic knee injuries or conditions now have stem cell therapy as an effective option for treatment. Whether you’re suffering from a degenerative condition like osteoarthritis or feeling the residual effects of a previous knee injury, stem cell therapy provides a minimally invasive solution to what’s causing weakness in the knees. Traditional treatment modalities for chronic knee injuries or conditions generally extend over the long-term but don’t always provide relief. From aggressive surgeries to intensive physical therapy to a cocktail of potent prescriptions, those with knee injuries often find treatment options confusing and overwhelming. That‘s why stem therapy offers a more effective, long-term option.

What are stem cells?

You can find answers at Innovations Stem Cell Center, a leader in stem cell therapy in the Dallas, Texas area. Stem cells are highly unique cells with some very distinct characteristics. What makes them so special?

Stem cells "have the ability to replicate and can make [infinite] new copies of themselves. They also have the ability to become other types of cells." While stem cells are derived from a number of sources, Dr. Bill Johnson of Innovations Stem Cell Center utilizes only adult stem cells to treat knee injuries and conditions. In his office, he harvests adult stem cells from the patient’s own fat. These stem cells are called adipose derived adult stem cells, and they generally are easier to obtain and more abundant than from other tissues.

How do stem cells treat chronic knee issues?

Stem cells possess healing properties. In fact, when your body sustains an injury or is damaged, stem cells kick the body’s healing into high gear. As multifunctional cells that can duplicate themselves and become other types of cells, stem cells can reproduce and transform into the exact type of cell the body needs to heal a specific area. In the case of damaged knees, stem cells can create new cartilage, muscle or tissues to replace the existing damaged or compromised tissues.

Why is stem cell therapy a better alternative to conventional treatments for knee-related injuries and conditions?

Depending on the injury or condition, treatment models can be grueling, invasive and impact everyday life. For patients suffering from osteoarthritis, traditional treatments simply manage the pain. Patients use braces, enroll in physical therapy and occupational therapy, take prescription medication or may elect for joint repair or replacement surgery, all in an effort to lessen the symptoms associated with their condition. For patients living with knee injuries, the residual pain leads them to seek relief through similar treatment protocols.

While these treatments may provide temporary relief, they don’t always work. Additionally, if a patient resorts to surgery, a lengthy, painful recovery follows the procedure. An older patient, may face a substantially more difficult recovery. As an alternative, stem cell therapy boasts a shorter recovery time because the procedure is minimally invasive. Also, while it may take time for patients to notice any relief with conventional treatments, stem cell therapy offers far quicker results. Some patients report experiencing relief shortly after the procedure.

"A lot of patients, like a joint patient, will often see pain-relief in a day or so," Johnson said. "We’re also seeing patients that are able to avoid joint replacement because they’ve come in and had stem cells injected into the joint. And so the advantages to the patients is that not only are they [avoiding] a replacement joint, they don’t have to go through the rehab process."

Not only do patients see fast results, Johnson is seeing notable overall success rates for treating knee issues with stem cell therapy. "[There have been] remarkable changes and responses in a lot of our patients," Johnson said. "We’re seeing about 85 percent of knees respond."

With significant success rates and positive patient testimonials, it’s easy to see why so many patients are opting for stem cell therapy to treat chronic knee pain and injuries.

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