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Don't Let Sports Injuries Sideline You

crossfit-pushupExercising and staying active are key components to staying healthy, but sometimes physical activity can lead to joint, muscle, and cartilage injuries that may leave you on the bench or out of the gym. These injuries, often caused by overuse, can be frustrating for many people because they take a long time to heal and require rest. Sometimes these injuries never completely heal, forcing many individuals to give up their active lifestyles. Stem cell therapy from Innovations Stem Cell Center can help heal damaged joint and connective tissue injuries, and get you back in the game.

Types of Sports Injuries

Many types of injuries can occur during physical activity, sports, and exercise. The most common injuries include tendonitis, or inflammation of the tendon, tears to cartilage or muscle tissue, and concussions. These injuries can be caused by repetitive use or trauma. These injuries can cause pain, limited motion, and in some cases, disability.

Why Are Sports Injuries Slow to Heal

Many kinds of sports injuries are slow to heal because of overuse. Once injured, people may try to push through their injury, which results in more damage and pain, or they do not rest long enough to heal fully. Other reasons include limited blood supply to the affected area. One case, in particular, is tears that happen in the meniscus of the knee. The meniscus is a C-shaped piece of cartilage that serves to absorb shock from the impact of walking, running or other activity. The meniscus also helps to stabilize the knee. Tears of the meniscus almost never heal on their own and often require surgery- which also yields no guarantees for complete recovery.

Conventional Treatments for Sports Injuries

Common treatments for sports injuries include rest, ice or heat, pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medications, like NSAIDs, to reduce swelling and inflammation. Some patients may require steroid injections or surgery, depending on the nature of their injury. In many cases, surgical repairs of damaged tissue require long recovery periods. Surgery also puts patients at risk for infection and other complications. Conventional treatments for sports injuries do not guarantee results, in many cases.

Stem Cells are Changing How Sports Injuries Heal

Individuals with sports injuries do not just have to live with the pain and discomfort of their injury. Innovations Stem Cell Center is using adipose fat stem cells taken right from the injured patient to change how sports injuries heal. These stem cells are collected through liposuction, and a redeployed through injection into the injury site and through IV delivery.

The benefits of using stem cells for sports injuries is that they can do what other treatments cannot. Stem cells can regenerate infinitely and develop into any kind of tissue. This is especially beneficial for connective tissue injuries that do not get adequate blood, oxygen, and other nutrients necessary for healing. Stem cells also contain powerful growth factors that signal the body to speed up the healing process.

After stem cell therapy at Innovations Stem Cell Center, patients with sports injuries see a decrease in pain, improved range of motion, and mobility. In many cases, patients only need one stem cell deployment to see improvements and get back in the game.

For more questions about how stem cell therapy can treatment help heal your sports injury, schedule a consultation with Dr. Johnson today by calling (214) 256-1462.

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