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Inflammation Information

Have you suffered an injury from sports or exercise or are you experiencing pain because of osteoarthritis or an autoimmune condition? When you are injured or ill, it can, of course, be painful, but it can also be frustrating because it keeps you from being active. One of the reasons it keeps you off your feet or on the sidelines is inflammation, the body's natural response to injury and illness.

Learn more about inflammation and find out how stem cell therapy from the Innovations Stem Cell Center can help.

What Is Inflammation?

As we mentioned, inflammation is the body's response to injury, illness or disease. Inflammation defends the body against foreign invaders like bacteria or other germs. It also helps to kill off cells that are dead or dying, which promotes new cell growth.

What Are the Signs of Inflammation?

There are five signs of inflammation:

• Pain. Pain occurs when damaged cells release chemicals in response to damage.

• Heat. Heat often occurs with inflammation because of increased blood flow to the injury site.

• Swelling. Swelling occurs because the body sends extra fluid to the damaged area.

• Redness. Redness is another sign of inflammation and increased blood flow to the area.

• Limited function. Because of pain and swelling, you may experience lost or limited function with inflammation.

How Can You Reduce Inflammation?

There are some self-care or over-the-counter solutions that can help you reduce inflammation. These ways include anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen and naproxen, ice, and rest.

Another way to reduce inflammation caused by injury is the use of steroids (oral or steroid injections).

While these methods can temporarily reduce inflammation caused by injury, they are just temporary. For longer relief and healing of damaged tissue, try fat stem cell therapy from the Innovations Stem Cell Center.

How Does Fat Stem Cell Therapy Reduce Inflammation?

Fat stem cell therapy helps to reduce inflammation by healing damaged tissues from within. Once the inflammation is reduced, pain and swelling also subside and range of motion increases.

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