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End Migraine Pain

According to statistics from Migraine.com, more than 38 million Americans suffer from the severe pain and uncomfortable symptoms of migraine headaches. Migraines can be debilitating, and for many people, symptoms and triggers can vary significantly. Find out more about common migraine symptoms and triggers in this blog.

Migraine Symptoms

The most common symptom of migraines is severe head pain. Other symptoms include mood swings, tingling in the head, stiff neck and shoulders, visual or auditory disturbances called auras, changes in vision, nausea, vomiting, and constipation.

Symptoms may last for a few hours or a few days. The frequency of migraines varies between sufferers, with some individuals having one episode a month, or for chronic sufferers, more than 15 a month.

Migraine Triggers

Researchers have worked for years to pinpoint the cause of migraines, but unfortunately, the triggers of head pain are different from one individual to the next.

Migraine triggers can be:

  • Environmental. Changes in barometric pressure, fluorescent lighting and certain smells can cause migraine pain. Recent research has also connected migraines to certain repeating patterns such as stripes on an awning.
  • Food-related. Some individuals experience a migraine when they drink caffeinated beverages or consume artificial sweeteners or some preservatives such as MSG. Some cheeses and fermented foods have also been connected to the development of migraines.
  • Stress. Stress has also been linked to migraine pain.

All migraines cause pain by stimulating the trigeminal nerve, one of the main nerves of the face. When this nerve is stimulated, it triggers pain in the head, face, neck and even the jaw.

How Can Stem Cell Therapy Help Migraine Sufferers?

Most migraine sufferers take pain relievers to control their symptoms, either over-the-counter or prescription strength. While these medications can help for a while, relying on them day in and day out can actually increase the frequency of migraines for some individuals.

Other treatments include Botox injections and the SPG block treatment, in which the sphenopalatine ganglion (SPG) located behind the nose are temporarily anesthetized. These procedures can only help so much or for so long. Stem cell therapy from Innovations Stem Cell can provide long-term relief for migraine sufferers. Migraine patients undergoing stem cell therapy for their condition quickly see less pain and improvement in their condition.

Learn more about how Innovations Stem Cell is treating patients living with migraines now. Call us at 214-256-1462 for more information about our fat stem cell therapy.

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