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Don't Forget About Vitamin D

Many individuals living with diabetes also suffer from a complication of their condition known as diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Diabetic neuropathy is characterized by pain, aching, burning and numbness, which for many individuals is unrelenting. These side effects can make day-to-day living difficult. Diabetic neuropathy can also damage the skin and blood vessels of the extremities, which makes wounds harder to heal, leaving patients at risk of infection.

Keeping blood sugar levels in check is critical to reducing the risk of developing diabetic neuropathy, but some researchers believe that maintaining healthy levels of vitamin D can help, too.

What Are the Benefits of Vitamin D?

Some studies suggest that eating a diet rich in vitamin D could help reduce pain sensitivity in patients living with painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Vitamin D can help reduce inflammation throughout the body, including the nerves.

What Foods Contain Vitamin D?

Adding these foods to your diet can help support your nerves and reduce the inflammation and pain associated with diabetic neuropathy. Foods that contain vitamin D include dairy products, such as milk, yogurt and cheese, but also spinach, kale, collard greens and okra. Soybeans and white beans are also rich in vitamin D, as is oatmeal and fortified cereals.

Some fish, including tuna, mackerel and sardines, have high levels of vitamin D.

If these foods aren't your favorites (sardines, ugh!), that's OK. You can still increase your vitamin D levels by taking a daily supplement.

Additional Benefits of Vitamin D

Vitamin D has some other benefits beyond supporting nerves, too, including:

• Maintaining the health of bones and teeth
• Supporting the immune system
• Brain support
• Helping to regulate insulin levels
• Supporting lung health
• Increasing healthy heart function
• Reducing gene expression linked to cancer development
• Lowering the risk of developing the flu
• Reducing the risk of developing multiple sclerosis

In addition to increasing your consumption of vitamin D, fat stem cell therapy from Innovations Stem Cell can help treat painful diabetic neuropathy. Fat stem cells contribute to lower inflammation levels, which can ease pain, numbness and tingling.

Learn more about the benefits of fat stem cell therapy for diabetic neuropathy by scheduling a consultation now. Call 214-456-1462 today.

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