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At Risk of Developing Diabetic Ulcers?

People living with diabetes must not only be concerned about managing their blood sugar, but they also must pay special attention to their feet. This is because people with diabetes have a higher risk (as much as 25 times greater) of developing an infection than people without diabetes. Infection may lead to tissue death and possible amputation. Why do people with diabetes have such a high risk of infection and development of ulcers? The reason is reduced blood flow and nerve damage caused by the disease. Peripheral nerve disease (also known as peripheral neuropathy) affects between 60 and 70 percent of people living with diabetes.

How to Reduce the Risk of Developing a Foot Infection

Check Your Feet. Peripheral neuropathy causes reduced sensation in the legs and feet, which means you may not feel cuts, blisters or cracks when they occur. Open wounds are an open door to bacteria that can cause diabetic ulcers and infection. It is essential to check your feet (or have someone help you check your feet) daily to make sure you are injury-free.

Clean Your Feet. In addition to checking your feet daily, you also should wash them every day. Use a mild soap and warm water to clean them and dry them gently. Add in a moisturizer to keep your skin supple and crack free.

Select Smart Shoes. Make sure your shoes fit without rubbing and causing blisters or ulcers. Consider orthopedic or custom-made shoes to make sure you have a perfect, comfortable fit.

Make Healthy Choices. Taking care of your blood sugar and taking care of your feet are two significant steps in protecting your health when living with diabetes. Another way is to quit smoking. Why? Smoking reduces your circulation, which can contribute to peripheral neuropathy.

Learn About Stem Cell Therapy. Stem cell therapy from the Innovations Stem Cell Center can help reduce the damage to nerves caused by diabetes and restore sensation to the feet and lower extremities by reducing inflammation and healing damaged tissues.

Learn about the Innovations Stem Cell Center and our offerings. Call 214-256-1462 today to find out how fat stem cell therapy may benefit you.

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